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DA - 2300 series wireless module alarm system upgrade project
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1.1 to fixed targets for monitoring objects emergency, snatches, theft, fire alarm network systems, which generally have three forms of communication:
1.1.1 wired communication: namely the front (on-site) alarm / control communications with the alarm center hosts alarm information and other information is passed through the city, then the public network;
1.1.2 Wireless Communication: namely the front (on-site) alarm / control communications with the alarm center hosts transmit a fixed frequency (dot) passing through a dedicated radio network alarms and other information;
1.1.3 wired with wireless communications: usually between field detector (infrared, magnetic, gas detectors) and alarm control host communication using wireless communication (trigger) mode, while the alarm control / communication host and network alarm center still wired communication alarm information and other information transfer (strictly speaking, means of communication with the first alarm is consistent).
1.2 According to research, our alarm system is currently running (with fixed targets for monitoring objects) above 99% are using a wired communication. Given the early development of this type of alarm network, due to time constraints and communication technology standard conditions, there is a clear technical defects, mainly in the unity of the alarm network information transfer mode. That such a network can run there are significant risks, and even endanger the safe operation of the alarm system. The maximum risk is due to poor telephone line laying hidden and vulnerable to damage (natural and human factors), resulting in paralysis and alarm network failure. Therefore, in recent years, the security industry is always looking for something more secure, more reliable, more efficient, more economical (relatively), more practical network (alarm) information communication, and has done a lot of research work.
1.3 According to the state of operation and management of the domestic market demand, the existing security alarm equipment and network, our company has developed on the basis of current anti-theft alarm system, wired (telephone line) communication on additional alarm wireless network (GSM) communication, so that the whole network communication channel with dual alarm network communication functions. After upgrading the entire system is compatible ADEMCO Contact ID and ADEMCO 4 + 2 communication format that the old telephone line alarm mode. And accordingly developed a SMS alarm control and management system software, DA-2300 Series burglar alarm controller GSM communication module, so that the whole system is a real transition to the high reliability of a wired (telephone line) / wireless (GSM) Dual network communication alarms, utmost to solve the old alarm system inherent technical defects.
1.4 data transmission based on GSM wireless network with a safe, reliable, efficient, and low operating costs, DA-2300 series wireless alarm module using internationally standardized communication technology and digital cellular telephone system program (GSM) provides digital exchange controls network (PSTN) communications network communication technology combined. In the wired network (local telephone line) failure situation, especially with a high IQ technical characteristics of modern criminal nature (first alarm system means the destruction of communication facilities, etc.), the system can automatically use the wireless network (GSM) to police love alarm is sent to the command center or to voice and text messages sent to the center or the user, and to ensure that the alarm system is still in a normal state of alert to prevent the omission of the incident.
1.5 DA-2300 series GSM wireless alarm module as a utility model and technological achievements, to promote the development of security technology will play an active role. With the continuous improvement and improve the system, and can appear in the actual application of many advantages, particularly in upgrading the existing network of alarm has broader applicability and compatibility, can take advantage of existing alarm system resources, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of resources to invest in the short term repeatability and, after repeated research, especially the development of the following upgrade options are to adapt to different alarm systems.
2, Honeywell alarm system transformation plan
2.1, Alarm Center Transformation reasons:
Because Honeywell (formerly C & K) alarm center mostly through telephone lines, using 14.4 modems, win98 operating system, CFSK-103 communication format outdated technology, resulting in the alarm system reliability, compatibility is poor.
2.2, Alarm Center transformed into:
Our self-developed by DA-2008-4 alarm center, using internationally accepted ADEMCO Contact ID and ADEMCO 4 + 2 communication format, win2000 above operating systems, and other advanced technology, reliability, compatibility, alarm system, you can highly scalable. Increase our self-developed by DA-2008sms SMS alarm control center, so that the whole system real transition to a wired (telephone line) / wireless (GSM) High reliability dual network communication alarms.
Center rehabilitation programs:
A, Alarm Center pure telephone lines, and cable terminals (telephone line) / wireless (GSM or CDMA) dual network alarm center compatible all ADEMCO Contact ID and ADEMCO 4 + 2 communication format;
B, Alarm Center pure telephone line plus DA-2008sms SMS alarm control center, to achieve terminal wired (telephone line) / wireless (GSM or CDMA) dual network alarm center compatible with all ADEMCO Contact ID and ADEMCO 4 + 2 communication format and SMS alarm;
C, it can be installed DA-2300G (GSM) in the center or DA-2300F (CDMA), Wireless converted into a wired telephone line to provide some alarm centers to realize the whole network of dual-network alarms and alarm.
2.3, the client's transformation:
By the original C & K2300 series alarm host keyboard communication port connection, install GSM-2300C alarm communication module can achieve PSTN / GSM dual-network alarm. After the center of the transformation, the original Honeywell 2300 series alarm host communications as long as the original format into ADEMCO 4 + 2 telephone lines that can alarm, faster than the previous half, connection rate higher than before.
2.4, the product definition:
Alarm system wireless extension module (referred to as GSM wireless module) is in line with Honeywell 2300 (compatible safe
Given Po) Series control panels, wireless alarm and remote control of the host to modify the settings of the product, is the Honeywell 2300 (compatible Ademco) Series Control Panels of police intelligence reported GSM wireless channel expansion module, it can receive Honeywell 2300 (compatible Ademco) series Control Panels alarm police intelligence, combined with their maintenance management information required to report to wirelessly report the alarm center through GSM network and users.
"DA-2300" (also known as wireless keyboard port modules) currently supports: Honeywell (formerly C & K) 2300 series (compatible Ademco) host.
2.5, the main features:
2.5.1 Support to Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) mode reported ADEMCO 4 + 2 ADEMCO Contact ID alarm center and two protocols, and supports voice and SMS are two ways to report to the center or users;
2.5.2 Honeywell 2300 series wireless module and the control panel keyboard port real-time communication, with the five groups of alarm number and three groups receiving SMS operation number. Users can SMS way to achieve all of the operations on the keyboard to control the host. SMS operating double encryption and password protection with four yuan operation, the entire alarm system more secure, reliable, and the initial password is 1234;
2.5.3 Support computer terminals upload / download, wireless module programming software operation (specific reference to DA-2300 programming software operating instructions);
2.5.4 are free to choose the path of reported Centre (telephone line / GSM);
2.5.5 has a phone line fault detection, on-site monitoring function;
SMS Information 2.5.6 wireless module default zone alarm and Honeywell 2300 series control panels like the default zone information. Users can enter their own zone alarm message corresponding to the information to be modified;
2.5.7 extends the three different zones trigger, trigger has NC, NO or 12V voltage signal three. Can be used as a tamper zone itself, which addresses three expansion zone for 17,18,19 zone;
2.5.8 wireless module is equipped with a set of normally open relay output and a normally closed relay output can be used as remote control of home appliances;
2.5.9 The user can control the host via SMS forced arm or disarm, and wireless module will reply SMS "host has armed" or "host has disarmed";
2.5.10 supports all existing GSM SIM card network. Optional wireless module 00-99 days, by way of a notification SMS or center designated users to query whether the SIM card balance faster arrears. Wireless module notifies the user of the message reads: "Please check the balance of a wireless module inside the user SIM card";
2.5.11 stable and reliable industrial-grade Modem;
2.5.12 According to the GSM signal status, automatically adjusts the Wireless Modem transmit gain; Mating 3db automatic gain antenna, to ensure normal communication;
2.5.13 Application dual CPU design architecture: Guaranteed Wireless Modem control and alarm signal acquisition and operation of the separation of the control panel, you can make the device more stable and reliable.
3, general-alarm system transformation plan
3.1, Alarm Center Transformation reasons:
Mostly due to the alarm center via telephone line, a single means of communication, resulting in the alarm system reliability, compatibility, poor;
3.2, alarm center transformed into:
Our self-developed by DA-2300G wireless communication module, which provides a direct analog phone line for alarm centers, unity to resolve the alarm center of communication so that the whole system is a real transition to a wired (telephone line) / Wireless high reliability (GSM) dual network communication alarms. Also increase or together, by the Division I independent research DA-2008sms SMS alarm control center.